Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning is a crucial procedure to ensure the safety and integrity of your tanks. It is essential to keep your water tanks clean and free of contaminants. At AFM we offer comprehensive tank cleaning services to keep your tanks in top condition and minimize the risk of contamination or other problems.

Working With ExcellenceWhy Choosing AFM Water Tank Cleaning Services

At AFM, specialized equipment and techniques are used by a team of experts to remove debris and contaminants from the tank’s interior. The process of tank cleaning at AFM involves pumping out the remaining contents of the tank and then washing it with high-pressure water and cleaning agents. Once the tank is clean, it is inspected for any signs of damage or corrosion and repaired if necessary. AFM water tank cleaning process include:

The area around the tank and turning off the water supply.
To identify any signs of damage or deterioration.
To check that the tank is completely clean and free from any contaminants.
To ensure that the water stored in the tank is safe to use.
Final Rinse
To ensure that the water stored in the tank is free from any chemical residues.
Refilling and Final Inspection
To ensure that the water supply is restored, and functioning properly.

Benefits Of Water Tank Cleaning:

The guarantee of a clean and secure water supply is one of the key advantages. Inside water tanks, sediments, debris, and bacteria can build up over time, which can cause contamination and pose health problems. Regular water tank cleaning will:

  • Enhance the water’s quality
  • Increases the tank’s lifespan
  • Guards against internal damage

The storage capacity of the tank is improved by eliminating sediments and debris, which results in cost savings for the user. Additionally, routine cleaning can lessen the possibility of leaks and damage to the water distribution system, leading to expensive repairs and downtime.


    Signs That Your Water Tank Require Immediate Cleaning

    Unpleasant Smell or Flavour
    Tanks may gather silt and other deposits over time, which may cause your water to taste or smell bad. Tanks can also become a haven for bacteria and other microbes that can harm the quality of your water.
    Clearly Murky or Muddy Water
    There are several causes for water to appear cloudy or turbid, including silt in the water, algae development, or a high concentration of minerals. A professional water cleaning tank is necessary in this case.
    Decrease in Water Pressure
    A build-up of silt in your water tank is a typical cause. This can develop over time. However, if the build-up is significant, your water pressure may decrease as a result.
    Tainted Water
    Cleaning your water tank as soon as you see discoloration in your water is crucial. A build-up of silt, minerals, or other substances in your water tank may result in discoloration.

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    Water Tank Cleaning

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