Renovation services at AFM are handled by a team of expert, skilled, and experienced professionals that carry out renovation projects to transform your property based on your design and requirements.

WHAT WE DORenovation & Remodelling Abu Dhabi and Dubai

At AFM, the renovation process contains updating, repairing, or remodelling of an existing property in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The process conducted by AFM ensures improving the functionality, aesthetics, and value of a property. If you are looking forward to enhancing your property’s appearance, i value, and functionality in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, AFM has it all.

We offer comprehensive design and construction services for various projects such as villas, apartments and commercial spaces. Our skilled renovation team uses proven methodologies, that were obtained with years of expertise to guarantee timely and cost-effective project completion. We also, provide ongoing property maintenance through annual maintenance contracts after project completion.
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Why Choose Our Renovation & Remodelling Service in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
Deal with Experienced Planers
Trained to tailor your renovation requirements and achieve satisfaction with strong attention to details.
Planned Installation
Meeting deadlines and initiating projects on time without any delays.
Ensure frequent maintenance visits and check-ups to increase functionality and durability.
Cost effective
To ensure competitive prices for branded products.

Execute Your Renovation ProjectTransform Your Home with Our Expert Renovation Services

At AFM, minor renovation is a term used to describe small-scale changes made to a property in order to improve its appearance and functionality. Minor renovations can dramatically increase the value of your property. AFM ensures your renovation needs would be taken care of and completed quickly and efficiently.
Ceramic Work

Ceramic Work/ Tile Work
Restoring or updating existing ceramics to create unique designs and textures.


Gypsum Work
Remodeling existing gypsum surfaces to improve appearance and functionality.

Installing Shower

Installing Showers
Changing bathtubs to showers to update the area and provide a modern and stylish look.

Tile Changing

Toilet Changing
Remodeling a bathroom’s toilet area to address any outdated or malfunctioning fixtures

We Consider danger zone

Hardwood, tile, and carpet can be installed on your property to replace old, and worn-out flooring.

We Consider danger zone

Professional painting team and materials for all your interior and exterior wall need.

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      Renovation Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

      How renovation projects are carried out at AFM?

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      Why should I take the time to describe my renovation project in detail?

      The more detailed the renovation description, the better your AFM Project manager will be able to assess the scope of work and provide an accurate budget estimate.

      Can I get help to describe my renovation project?

      We encourage you to try to describe your renovation project as best you can. When you meet with your Project manager, they will help you fill in details and provide a clear assessment of the work to be done.

      What should I do once I have received quotes from contractors?

      Before choosing a contractor, we recommend that you meet with them to discuss their proposal. To avoid misunderstandings, don’t take anything for granted, and clarify all the important aspects of your renovation project. In particular, confirm when the work will start, how long it will take, who will be responsible for purchasing materials, and how payment terms will be structured. AFM Project manager can guide you through this process.

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