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Best Handyman Service in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. At AFM, we have highly skilled and qualified professionals to take on any Handyman jobs you have for us. This means you can book a versatile Handyman who can take care of a variety of jobs at the time that's best for you.

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We'll help you sort all your home repair requirements quickly and efficiently. Best Handyman Service in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Handyman Services Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Count on us! We take pressure off you and provide a hassle-free experience with the highest level of service. We are coming to you, wherever you are with all the tools needed to get the job done at the same time.
Experience the Best Handyman Service in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.
Our professional Handyman can offer you help in electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, and even in interior design.
From small handyman tasks to building maintenance you can count on us for everything! Get in touch today!
Our Handyman Carpenter provides bed, cabinet, and cupboard fixing for offices, homes, villas, and apartments.
Smart Appliance Setup
Keep your house connected and functioning as a whole with our smart home installation services.
Odd Jobs
Painting, window washing, guttering, installing cabinets or appliances, fixing lights, fixing leaks, ac servicing & maintenance, and much more.
Our Handyman painting service in Dubai provides convenient and satisfactory touch-up paint for wall painting services in Dubai at your doorstep.

    Sit Back & RelaxWhile we do the Handyman Job for you

    We will adopt a customized offer for you and you will have a handyman at your disposal as soon as you want.

    Pricing will be decided based on the amount of handyman work required, your location, and other inclusions.

    Small Appliance Repair
    Painting for the Interior and Exterior
    Drywall Installation
    Surface Repair
    Exterior Maintenance
    Ceiling leaks Repair

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Handyman Service Dubai & Abu Dhabi
    Why should I hire a Handyman in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

    Even though it seems simple to take on certain home projects, a service professional like a handyman can take care of your home repairs quickly and efficiently – completing everything you need to be done in a matter of days, instead of months. It’s hard to find the time to take care of your home – a handyman is merely the extra set of professional hands you need to get the job done on time. Plus, our team of technicians won’t just get the job done. They’ll arrive on time, and focus on providing optimal service and customer satisfaction.

    What is the main difference between handyman & remodeling service?

    The main difference between a handyman and a remodeler is service qualifications. Most handyman services don’t require the same hands-on experience with electrical or plumbing work, so the service timeline will be far shorter and less involved than a remodeling project.

    The other main difference is that remodeling teams have the licensing to complete more work within a home. Handymen aren’t required to have special licenses, so they cannot work on extensive electrical or plumbing work. Luckily at AFM, our team of experts can provide both.

    How Much Does A Handyman Charge Per Hour?

    We offer hourly work starting from 180AED/h. NO VAT. No call-out fee.

    Can A Handyman Do Electrical Work?

    Handymen can only do electrical work if they are licensed to perform electrical work. Besides the basic switches and fixture installation state licensing is most likely required. Handymen who are licensed will typically carry their license with them. The professionals at AFM are licensed to carry out all your electrical work.

    Dedicated to getting your problem fixed perfectly in an extremely short amount of time.Emergency Handyman Services

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