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We specialize in timely professional air conditioning maintenance, delivered to an expert standard – paired with reactive, reliable repair services to our clients in Abu Dhabi.

WHAT WE DOAir Condition Maintenance Abu Dhabi

With over 25 years of experience servicing customers in Abu Dhabi, we make sure everyone we work with is satisfied with our services. Our air conditioning service Engineers carry out a full and effective maintenance of your unit(s).

Benefits of AC maintenance:

  • Reduced running costs dramatically
  • Extended lifespan of the unit.
  • Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Better Air Quality

We back every aspect of our air conditioner services with the best guarantees in the industry. Accurately estimating project costs is crucial to staying within budgeT. Get your Estimate today!


    AC Repair & Maintenance

    Whether you want to update your current A/C or install new one in your Abu Dhabi home, we can quickly and efficiently fix any issue.

    Being a licensed HVAC, we inspect the heating and cooling system including:

    Checking the Thermostat
    To ensure that your thermostat is in good condition. We check that the thermostat is working properly and is installed away from any heat source.
    Checking the electric connections
    The overhaul check makes sure electric connections are properly fitted and that everything is operating safely. This step prevents any potential electric hazard and increases the overall lifespan of the Air Conditioner.
    Lubricating the moving parts
    If lubrication levels drop too low, then problems will soon ensue, and the compressor stands a high risk of overheating and burning out. Lack of lubrication means more friction, heat, breakage, and cost.
    Condensation Drain lines
    While AC can not work without condensation, the water should not stay in the clogged drain. If the drain lines are not cleaned, this could cause water leaks, moisture, and bacteria in the HVAC. Therefore, at AFM, our technicians take special care that all the drain lines are cleaned.
    Cleaning Air Filters
    If the air filters are left dirty and clogged, they can actually prevent the air conditioner's airflow from running smooth. We do not only clean the filter, but we also recommend, where ever necessary, some better filtration systems.

    Is AC Maintenance Necessary?

    Top Reasons Why You Should Keep Up with your Air Conditioner :


    Build up from not cleaning and maintaining your air-conditioning unit can reduce the unit's efficiency by 5% each year in which case preventive maintenance is essential.


    According to Home Advisor, homeowners on average spend $325 on repair. A preventative maintenance pre-season tune-up for a service call fee saves you money in the long run.


    With regular maintenance, you can keep your air conditioner running longer. Even somehing as simple as cleaning or changing the air filtter at least every 3 months can help your air condiiner run longer.

    Get an AC Inspection

    Our AC inspection checklist includes:
    • Install gauges and check operation pressures
    • Check Voltage and amperage to all motors with meter
    • Check air temperature drop
    • Test all capacitors
    • Clean evaporator coil (if accessible)
    • Check evaporator superheat
    • Check all safety controls
    • Check start capacitor and relays
    • Check compressor contactor
    • Clean condensing coil
    • Check that the condensate drain is open
    • Check safety float switch

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    Reasons to count on us
    Certified AC Repair Tradesmen

    We have a team of certified & highly experienced technicians for Air Conditioner Repair, who know how to repair or the AC problems.

    Same Day AC Fixing

    Our team of professionals will not make you wait they will fix your AC on the same day as possible as the can to Restore Your Comfort.

    Emergency Availability

    We have a team of certified & highly experienced technicians for Air Conditioner Repair in Abu Dhabi, who know how to repair or the AC problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    When should I replace my existing AC unit?
    Ideally, you should do it before your current system fails and leaves you rushed to make a replacement decision. Fortunately, there are a few signs that indicate it’s time to start looking at your options: your unit is more than 10 years old, it’s not keeping up with your needs, you notice a big increase in your cost to run it, or it needs regular refrigerant refills. In some cases, a simple repair may be all that’s needed, but if it’s no longer safe or practical to put more money into your AC, we’ll explain that, too, and make recommendations for the most appropriate replacement.
    What is the average life of an air conditioner?
    The average life of a well-maintained air conditioner is approximately 15 years, but as these systems reach the 10-year mark, they can begin to lose efficiency. Cooling technology has improved substantially in the last few years, so it often makes more sense for homeowners to replace an older system rather than repair it. Even though the replacement is an investment, it will pay for itself in lower electric bills.
    How do I know what size ac unit my house needs?
    A licensed and insured HVAC specialist like those at Gross Heating should be consulted before you add or replace a cooling system. We’ll do a proper calculation that factors in the layout and square footage of your house, average climate, the number and type of windows, insulation, and even the number of people living in the home. Without these considerations, you could end up with a unit that is not big enough, meaning it will likely not keep up with your cooling needs or last as long as expected—or a system that is so big that it constantly cycles on and off and wastes energy.
    My AC isn’t working—what should I check before calling AFM?
    Before you call us, check the basics: test the batteries in your thermostat, check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse, change your air filter, make sure the system is set to cool, and that the setting is at least three degrees below current room temperature. If one of these five simple problems are not to blame, call us for a complete cooling system checkup.
    What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?
    The single most common reason why your AC can freeze up is lack of airflow. … If anything in the airflow system stops warm air from flowing over the coils while the compressor continues running, your AC will start to freeze up and this only gets worse with time.
    How do I clean Dirty AC Filter?

    Some air conditioners have filters that can be cleaned. But other types of air conditioners have filters that are meant to be disposed of after a given amount of time. Consult your air conditioner’s instruction manual to determine whether cleaning your air conditioner’s filter is an option.

    • If you have a replaceable filter on your air conditioner, replace it at least every 3 months.
    • Do not use your air conditioner until you’ve replaced the filter.
    • Use a vacuum cleaner for routine cleaning

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