The Objective Of A Facility Manager in Dubai In Promoting Workplace Safety

February 5, 20230

Successful businesses recognize the worth of their employees. They are aware that successful organizations depend heavily on their workforce. People now spend more time at work than ever before as businesses strive for profitability and employees strive for more deliverability. Since safety and comfort are important for a workforce’s overall productivity, it is the facility manager’s responsibility to ensure that these policies are followed.

Facility Management In Dubai is provided by a reputed company. A facilities management company will be responsible for overseeing a variety of workplace structures utilized by businesses, including hotels and retail establishments. They make sure that every component of these buildings is updated, maintained, and fixed as needed.

The experts employed by a facility management company in Dubai are regularly updated on the most recent technological developments in the sector. They maintain warm customer relationships with the most up-to-date knowledge thanks to their in-house training facilities for the technicians. Additionally, their computerized, effective, and efficient preventative maintenance routine lowers the likelihood of failure. 

Firms of Facility Management In Dubai are directly or indirectly accountable for the safety and well-being of employees while they are at the work. They can handle anything, from the boiler to the cellar.

Facilities Manager’s Responsibility to Enhance Workplace Health and Safety

The responsibility of a facility manager for maintaining safety might range from something as straightforward as preventing slips and falls to something more involved like assuring safety during earthquakes. The new global norm has brought into clear focus and significance the responsibilities of facility managers in maintaining workplace efficiency and safety.

  1. Conduct training sessions for safety

The facility manager is responsible for setting up regular meetings to notify staff members of any changes to policies or new office equipment and to ensure that they are aware of safety procedures. Mock fire drill training is provided to the team and employees to instruct them on the evacuation protocols and how to save themselves in the event of a fire.

  1. Present scheduled preventive maintenance

A planned preventive maintenance program aids in maintaining workplace safety. It assists in averting potential breakdowns and ensuring that business activities go without a hitch. There is a chance that someone could get hurt if a machine breaks down. Regular inspections and spending time and money on planned preventive maintenance can reduce that danger.

Obsolete and out-of-date equipment may harm people without a routine maintenance method. To ensure preparedness and safety in case of an improbable catastrophe or fire, even something as simple as making sure all the workplace lights are functioning properly might prevent employees from sliding down a dark staircase.

  1. Encourage wellness and good health

One of the most efficient methods to safeguard the most important resource — employees — is to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. The health and well-being of building inhabitants rely on good air quality, which is the role of a facility manager to maintain. This can be achieved by: –

  • establishing a detailed maintenance plan for indoor air quality.
  • temperatures are measured during regular building walkthrough inspections.
  • maintaining the cleanliness of HVAC systems, air supply diffusers, and outside air intakes.
  1. Having a plan in place for any medical emergencies

The emergency plan must be created and implemented by a facility manager for any medical emergency and support. Facility managers can lower risk and costs in the event of a medical emergency by partnering with hospitals, and ambulances, having the liaison office number available and keeping an SOP prepared.

  1. To promote safety certifications

It can be advantageous for facility managers to receive certain government safety certificates because workplace health and safety rules change over time. These accreditations may help employers create workplaces that are more appealing to employees who care about their health.


Wrap Up

One of the most crucial investments is in the health and safety of the facilities. The provision of a safe workplace is essential to guaranteeing the general health and well-being of the employees. Facilities management companies in Dubai can support higher productivity and efficiency by devoting time and resources, which will benefit both the staff and its members.

AFM is one of the top facility management companies in Dubai. With the most professional, organized, and cutting-edge operational staff, we offer the highest quality facility management services in Dubai. The AFM Facility Maintenance Company in Dubai works ardently with modern amenities with the help of a superb team of personnel that includes Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Plumbers, AC Technicians, and Other Skilled Personnel. Through a proactive and responsive working style, we assure our clients of exceptional services for all types of properties, including residential and commercial ones.

The goal of establishing Authentic Facility Management was to bridge the growing knowledge gap between the skill sets required to manage big commercial and residential building campuses creatively and the needs of such campuses. Our distinctive business services as a facility management Dubai increase the value offered and set the bar to worldwide standards to achieve maximum sustainability. To create Authentic Facility Management, experts from comprehensive facilities management, quality management, supply chain management, innovation, and organizational vendor management have teamed up.




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