Checklist For Your Home Maintenance in Dubai On A Regular Basis

February 5, 20230

Being a homeowner entails a lot of responsibility, and managing the numerous responsibilities involved in home maintenance can be difficult. Home maintenance in Dubai might involve a sizable number of duties, many of which are daunting at first. However, paying attention to some important places around your house proactively can frequently save you money on maintenance.

The lifestyle quality can be significantly improved by living in a modern, well-maintained home. So let the professionals handle the worry of keeping your home. We, at AFM, a leading home maintenance company in Dubai, offer the best home maintenance packages in Dubai. Our team of expert home repair professionals handles a wide range of tasks associated with your home maintenance Dubai concerns. Our team can offer a wide range of property maintenance services in addition to repairs and basic upkeep.

Here is a home maintenance checklist of things to do regularly to assist you in staying on top of certain typical activities.



  1. Continue to Maintain Your Landscape

As part of your home maintenance routine in the warmer months, plan to tend to your flower beds at least once a month in addition to weekly grass care. Occasionally, allowing weeds to grow unchecked or dead leaves and other garbage to accumulate, such as in flower beds, might endanger your property. These conditions can draw pests and even provide a fire risk. Consider investing some time each month in landscaping upkeep and trimming.

  1. Keep up with your appliances and kitchen

The kitchen is often the room in the house where people spend the most time. Your floors and worktops may eventually become stained or damaged as a result of spilled foods and liquids from preparing, cooking, and serving meals. Spend time cleaning cabinets and removing expired products from your pantry every month. To assist prevent clogs or leaks, clean your dishwasher by the manufacturer’s instructions, and change the water filters in your refrigerator as needed. Check the hose between the wall and the refrigerator if it has an ice maker or water dispenser to see if it is pinched or stressed. Observe for wear and tear or leakage as well.

  1. Examine fire and security systems and procure supplies

Make sure your house is secure and that you have supplies available in case of a storm or other situation that results in a power outage. Test your security system to ensure it is up and running. To ensure they are prepared for an emergency, test and replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and look at the expiration date on your fire extinguishers. If you are not so experienced in doing this just call AFM for your home maintenance in Dubai.

  1. Clear Humid Locations

If you don’t have enough ventilation, mold, and mildew can grow in showers, bathrooms, and other wet parts of your home. Exfoliating bathroom tile and grout with your favorite cleaning agent at least every month to assist prevent the growth of mold or mildew. When cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s directions and allow enough airflow. Check the pipes and fixtures for any indications of wear or corrosion, such as leaks, discoloration, or other changes. Examine the caulking around the sink, toilet, shower, and bathtub bases, and fix it as necessary.

  1. Take Care of Your Plumbing

Regular plumbing system inspections ought to be a key component of your home upkeep. Visually assess the area and search for deterioration indicators. These include rust-like buildup, deposits, frayed metal, and discoloration on braided supply hoses. They can also include things like discoloration on metal pipes, plastic, PEX, or polymer part breaking or crimping. Consider changing the item or contacting a specialist such as AFM, one of the best home maintenance in Dubai to help if you notice any of these problems in advance. Clean slow-moving drains as necessary to help avoid a significant backup. Make sure the toilets aren’t running continuously because doing so can waste water and cost you more.

  1. Examine Important Home Systems

It’s a smart option to inspect your home’s larger systems for potential issues even if you don’t need to clean or maintain them every month. Keep a close eye on your HVAC system’s maintenance during the winter months. To assist the heater function more effectively and to help the indoor air quality, replace clogged filters. Turn off your outside faucets as fall arrives, and think about winterizing your water system.

  1. Refresh Your Home Inventory

You should update your home inventory for insurance purposes if you redesign your living space or make sizable purchases of furnishings or equipment. Contact your insurance agent to talk about renewing your homeowner’s policy. Save receipts and take photos of any purchases.

  1. Stock Up on Cleaning Materials

It’s a good idea to keep an inventory of the goods you need for house maintenance and to check it frequently. Finding the essential supplies you might need to keep your house clean and your family healthy after a big storm might be difficult. Think about buying extra paper goods, sponges, cleaning wipes, liquid soap, and other cleaning supplies in a suitable quantity. Your routine for home upkeep can come to a halt if you run out of these goods in an emergency.

  1. Tour Your Property From Top to Bottom

Check the attic or the area beneath a raised deck every month if those areas are seldom utilized or visible. Look for indications of insects, rats, rot, leaks, or mildew to identify issues before they get out of hand. Keep an eye out for weak spots or deterioration if you have large trees on your property. You might also want to make sure your garage door opener is in good operating order.

  1. Verify Gutters

Dust, rain, and storms are directed away from your building by gutters and downspouts, reducing the chance of water intrusion. Look for debris such as leaves or other blockages in the gutters, then clear any clogs or poor drainage. For assistance cleaning gutters or fixing any damage, contact a professional like AFM, the most renowned service provider of home maintenance in Dubai. As part of your fall home care, this may become especially crucial because falling leaves might accumulate in your gutters.


Wrap Up

AFM is dedicated to providing our customers with the best home maintenance services in Dubai at the most reasonable prices. Because of this, our staff is created and taught with the concepts of minimal effort, maximum effectiveness, and durable solutions that immediately address any problems’ core causes in mind. Our home maintenance services in Dubai are the most practical and economical approach to ensure that your home always operates as efficiently as possible. We offer a range of options to meet your needs, whether you want complete peace of mind or emergency coverage.





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