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December 29, 20220

According to a study, many believe that their HVAC system is the cause of their illness when using the AC. While it is possible that your air conditioner will not directly make you sick, the ecosystem it creates certainly does. Air conditioning units might make you ill! Unexpectedly, your air conditioner is not the problem in this situation. The air conditioner is not making you sick, nor is the chilly air it blasts.

Your issues are brought on by the adverse effects of air conditioning. This shows that your HVAC system is interacting with the surroundings to create a climate that is favorable to particular health issues. An air conditioner circulates the air in a space, making it simple for contaminants to spread out if any are present. Your health ultimately suffers as a result of these toxins.

Imagine that mold, dander, and other microbes are present in the air of your home. These toxins will be released into the air conditioning in such a situation, which may result in respiratory problems, stuffy noses, or sore throats.

Additionally, if your AC Maintenance in Abu Dhabi is not correctly managed, it may become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. These contaminants may travel freely into your room when air travels through your AC.

Here are a few signs to look out for when you can suffer from air conditioning sickness.

  • Fungal Growth

You should be concerned if you notice any apparent mold growth on your walls, around vents, or anywhere else surrounding an HVAC component. Mold spores have the potential to go airborne and circulate in the interior of AC. Chronic bronchitis, throat discomfort, and congestion are just a few of the health problems they might cause.

The best course of action is to frequently inspect your air ducts and vents for any indications of mold growth. You should contact an AC Servicing Company in UAE as soon as you notice an infestation so that it can be addressed and prevented from spreading further.

  • Breathing Problems

Many people suffer from inhaling and breathing difficulties when they sit in an environment with an air conditioner and feel better when away. This frequently takes place when the air conditioner, specifically its air filters, is not cleaned or replaced as necessary. If the AC Maintenance has not been done in a timely manner, they will start letting these airborne particles into your space rather than screening them out! You inhale and exhale contaminated air as a result, which causes air conditioning illness.

Since they need to be cleaned and replaced after 250 hours of use, you must do it every 90 days.

  • Dehydration

There is a very low level of indoor moisture as a result of the moisture control process that keeps your area cool. Your body evaporates more quickly due to the low moisture content. As a result of adjusting the thermostat too low, you grow cold and have to drink water to stay warm.

  • A Higher Blood Pressure Level

The climate in which we live has a direct impact on our blood pressure and general health. Tiny veins function to restrict the loss of body heat in order to keep the body temperature stable. Higher blood pressure results from this barrier.

  • Common Cold and Dry Skin

The use of an air conditioner at exceptionally low temperatures might potentially result in air conditioning disease. It causes a number of other things when you create such a frigid environment. In the beginning, the viruses that spread the common cold reproduce more quickly.

The investigations have proven that these viruses thrive in the chilly, low-humidity conditions produced by an air conditioner that is set to a very low temperature. Due to the extreme cold, the arteries in the skin may narrow as well. This restriction is a part of our protective system that assists keep the body warm in frigid environments.

  • Lack Of Energy

Do you constantly feel worn out in the summer? You may spend too much time indoors. Try raising the thermostat or spending more time outdoors as energy-saving measures. To stay warm, your body will need extra energy. Being active each day is essential to maintaining healthy living.

  • Temperature Discomfort

Everyone dislikes taking walks outside when it’s hot. The majority of people do not develop severe heat sensitivity until they are exposed to extreme temperatures. However, those who use air conditioners excessively are more likely to develop heat insensitivity. It would be advantageous if you tried to use a fan and open windows for fresh air whenever you could to avoid getting more dependent on a controlled interior environment.

AC Can Make You Sick If It Is Not Properly Maintained

People spend the majority of the day in air-conditioned apartments or workplaces. You might not be aware of it, but your air conditioner might be the source of any health issues you are experiencing. Regardless of how often you use your air conditioner or how infrequently, it’s vital to be aware of the potential health dangers it poses and what you can do to avoid them.

Lack of thorough  AC Servicing and infrequent filter replacements make it possible for various germs and fungi to thrive in air conditioning systems. Due to moisture buildup in the coils caused by the passage of cold air through these systems, black mold may start to grow there.

It is crucial to understand that an outdated or improperly maintained air conditioner cannot perform as well as a contemporary one, resulting in insufficient air movement and leaving you feeling drained and exhausted. The symptoms of an air conditioner sickness may also include fatigue, headaches, and a general sensation of unwellness.

Set the AC temperature a few degrees warmer and make sure you are drinking plenty of water if you notice that you have dry skin or suffer from regular headaches. It is quite easy to get headaches, body pains, and dry skin while you are sitting in a small area with an air conditioner circulating really frigid air.

Preventative Is always Preferable To Remedy

Not only does an air conditioner keep your home cool, but it also contributes significantly to preserving the air’s purity and quality. A filthy apartment is a perfect breeding ground for mold, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens, so they can flourish there. Every time your device is turned on, these pollutants are pushed into the space and pollute the air, putting you, your families, and your associates at risk for a number of respiratory infections and setting off respiratory problems.

Your filter will function correctly if you give it regular AC Maintenance In Abu Dhabi. The reduced pollution that results also reduces the internal deficits caused by a buildup of pollen and debris. If you want to ensure that your air conditioner constantly produces pure, clean air, regular AC Maintenance is required.

Maintaining cleanliness is a regular requirement for the air conditioner. As a result, you may be guaranteed that your home is free from dust, bacteria, and airborne toxins. To make sure less heat is absorbed by the environment, you must maintain the cleanliness of your air conditioning systems and units for it, you may contact the best AC Servicing Companies in UAE such as Authentic Facility Management Company,

When you hire a reliable AC Servicing Company In Abu Dhabi, their knowledgeable team will combine their exceptional skills with the best available tools to make certain they give you high-quality, long-lasting air conditioning unit cleaning solutions.

Authentic Facility Management Company has made considerable investments in premium cleaning equipment and has hired skilled staff that is knowledgeable about the sector and has relevant experience.

Ac servicing can benefit you in a number of ways. Keeping your air conditioner serviced frequently is beneficial both now and in the future for you and your family.

Whether you currently possess an air conditioner or planning to get one soon, make it a habit to contact Authentic Facility Management Company, a reliable AC Servicing Company In Abu Dhabi. We are a trusted source for AC cleaning services, helping you keep your system in good working order so that you can enjoy the benefits of owning an AC.


Why Should You Hire An AC Technician?

There are numerous internet resources for checking and Air Conditioners Repairing in Abu Dhabi on your own. It is, nevertheless, preferable to hire an experienced and competent AC Repair Professional for the work.

HVAC Specialists in Abu Dhabi are equipped with the necessary expertise, tools, and procedures to check, repair, and replace air conditioning systems in both residential and commercial settings. They use checklists and technology to do things swiftly and correctly.

The best course of action is always prevention.

Precautionary measures are always effective and beneficial in any situation. Schedule frequent Air Conditioning Service in Abu Dhabi to avoid heat strokes and to enjoy the hot summers. Maintain a checklist to keep things up to date.



Many homeowners fail to service their air conditioners on a regular basis. Your air conditioners must be serviced on a regular basis if they are to work properly over time. Ignoring routine AC Maintenance will impair your unit’s performance while raising your energy use and power costs. That’s why choosing a good AC Maintenance Company Abu Dhabi is crucial. AFM has over 25 years of experience servicing customers in Abu Dhabi, we make sure everyone we work with is satisfied with our services. Our air conditioning service Engineers carry out a full and effective maintenance of your unit/s



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