After their first move out, many tenants realize the importance of General Property Maintenance In Abu Dhabi, and a Home Maintenance checklist can help you stay on track by professionals.

An Annual Maintenance Contract is a good way to protect your property from extreme damage and avoid problems. A one-year contract between your organization, villa, or home and a service provider for the repair and maintenance of the company-owned property is known as an annual maintenance contract (AMC).

AFM, Authentic Facility Management is a Facility Management & Home Maintenance Company in Abu Dhabi. that provides Maintenance Services like Ac Servicing, Plumbing Services, Electrical Services and Handyman Services. As Well as Annual Maintenance contracts. Regular maintenance is essential for everything to run smoothly, whether at home or at the office.

And with an Annual Maintenance contract from a maintenance company in Abu Dhabi, you can rest assured that all of your maintenance concerns will be addressed.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contracts:

There are two types of individuals in the world: those who live day by day and those who plan ahead of time. If you fall into the second group, you should look into yearly maintenance plans offered by AFM  Annual Maintenance plans are available for both corporations and property owners.  Aside from the numerous benefits of an Annual Contract, there is the satisfaction of being responsible to have considered future problems at an appropriate time.


Pay Once, and Call Anytime for Maintenance Needs.

Once you have a Yearly Maintenance Contract, you won’t have to worry about any unexpected maintenance fees for the remainder of the year. Which is great news for someone who is always on the go. There is also the issue of dependability because you know who to contact when the need comes.



One Call Away for emergencies.

In the event of an emergency, we are always available to take your call. A contract means you don’t have to hunt for a professional at the last minute, whether it’s a short circuit, or an emergency that requires the services of a plumber. Our customers may call us anytime they need us without worrying about the cost because the Yearly Maintenance Contract guarantees Emergency Services 24/7.


Preventive Maintenance

Most people only contact maintenance companies when it’s necessary. The plumbing, drainage, electrical, and air conditioners may all be serviced by experienced personnel if you have an Annual Maintenance Contract. A contract may also include AC Cleaning, which is essential for UAE residents who depend on air conditioners to circulate air all year long.


Quality Guarantee

Professional experience and efficiency are inextricably linked to quality. An experienced and professional technician provides the highest quality solution in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. You can be confident in the quality and dependability of the work done if you hire professional Maintenance Services In Abu Dhabi.


Types of Maintenance Contracts:

AFM has two Annual Maintenance Packages that take care of your property and maintain it to be in excellent condition.


Silver Monthly Package/ Silver Yearly Package. 

This Package includes 8 callouts for any emergency you may face at your property. and 2 of each service of Ac Servicing, Plumbing Services, Electrical Services and Handyman Services. Make sure your house is covered and well-maintained.


Gold Monthly Package/ Gold Yearly Package. 

Get unlimited Callouts for your property in case of any sudden emergency. As well as three calls for AC Servicing, Plumbing Services, Electrical Services and Handyman Services.


From these packages, we assure you your property will be well maintained and in good hands with professionals. And you will be getting a higher value of services than the amount paid for the packages.



Keeping your home or property in good condition is a difficult task on your own. When it comes to Home Maintenance, there are numerous challenges to consider. Many of which necessitate years of experience as well as a high level of technical skill and precision. Hiring a Maintenance Company In Abu Dhabi is the best way to handle such issues. This way, you can have a skilled and experienced set of hands to handle your maintenance needs while also saving money, energy, and time. We have compiled a list of key reasons why you should hire a Home Maintenance company in Abu Dhabi.

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