The importance of preserving your property and protecting it from the consequences of failing to do so should never be underestimated. It may appear to be an insurmountable task and a never-ending annoyance, but hiring a maintenance company in UAE for your property maintenance will certainly help.

AFM (Authentic Facility Management), a maintenance company in UAE, Abu Dhabi is motivated by the challenges that owners confront while trying to manage their personal, commercial, or residential properties.

As a result, we built a platform where we can offer a wide range of home and property care services that a maintenance company in UAE can do. while also promising to treat your house as if it were our own.

We are a team of qualified professionals who provide exceptional customer service, personal experiences, and get the job done right the first time – guaranteed. With a skilled workforce that is constantly growing. Nothing is more important to us and our team of well-trained specialists than your pleasure.

As a renowned facilities management firm, we seek to provide comprehensive solutions to guarantee that your personal, residential, and commercial projects in Abu Dhabi are fully covered with bespoke solutions for each customer. Making sure your property maintenance or villa maintenance is done the absolute correct way.


AFM Offers a Variety of Services:


Property maintenance:

Our maintenance service for all intents and purposes is prepared to literally handle issues fairly such as really routine maintenance and property safety, kind of contrary to popular belief. Preventive Property Maintenance generally is really essential for the pretty long-term preservation of definitely your home, villa or company. definitely contrary to popular belief. Preventive maintenance and property protection particularly are the most for all intents and purposes effective strategies to ensure that your home is reinforced.

Property Maintenance essential for the long-term preservation of your home. At AFM Property Maintenance will include HVAC maintenance, air filter cleaning, drain cleaning, and plumbing and electrical inspection, our emergency Property Maintenance teams are available to serve our valued customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Villa Maintenance:

We understand how difficult it is to manage a large villa. When you choose a reputable and dependable Villa Maintenance service, they will be responsible for both the outside and inside of your villa’s repair and upkeep.

As you can see, Villa Maintenance services, or facility maintenance services, cover a wide range of services. Repair and maintenance difficulties occur often, causing a great deal of inconvenience. Rather than hiring a new specialist every time you have a problem, it’s advisable to use a business that can help you with all types of repairs and upkeep. Furthermore, rather of paying a technician, handyman, or waste disposal worker separately, paying for all of the services at once is more easy, manageable, and cost-effective.

You have obligations to keep your villa well-kept, pleasant, and tidy.

AC maintenance/AC servicing:

Domestic, commercial, and industrial air conditioning systems serve as the building’s “lungs,” and must be maintained not only for cooling but also for cleanliness. If you are not doing any AC Servicing/AC Maintenance, building debris, dust, hair, animal dander, fibers from clothing and carpets, pollen, smoking residues, and a variety of other contaminants AC cumulate over time inside the ducts and on the cooling coils, causing bio-film, mold, and bacteria to grow, which is well documented as a major cause of respiratory illnesses and triggering Asthma attacks.

In hot temperature zones like Abu Dhabi, air conditioners are the primary source of air circulation in homes, offices, and other interior places that is why owners or properties or tenants must consider an AC Servicing company to keep air clean. The quality of the air we breathe indoors is determined by the state of the HAVC systems. There is no guarantee of clean air inside our built environment if the air that goes through the duct is not clean, and if the system is not checked by an AC Servicing or AC Maintenance professionals.

As a result, it is critical to maintain optimal air-conditioning system performance. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that virus and bacteria transmission is particularly successful in poorly ventilated indoor areas. At AFM we clean the entire duct system giving you the best AC Maintenance/ AC Servicing services. That is why keeping your AC well maintained regularly will help prolong its life and keep its residence healthy.

Sterilization Services:

Cleaning touched surfaces with soap and water isn’t always enough to maintain the environment clean and safe for children and adults’ health. This necessitates to consider Sterilization Services in Abu Dhabi to undertake the disinfection procedure for homes, villas and businesses in order to permanently destroy viruses and germs.

Our personnel receive ongoing sterilization awareness and training, as well as Access to the most recent innovations in sterilizing equipment, methods and materials, preventative methods, and the usage of safety clothes and tools. Making AFM the best company for Sterilization Services in Abu Dhabi.

Only the finest degree of disinfection and sterilization services in Abu Dhabi are provided by AFM, ensuring that your family and house are free of germs and viruses.

Handyman services:

Hiring one of Abu Dhabi’s best Handyman Services is the best way to maintain your home in good shape. The handyman service saves time and can handle any little issues that arise around the property. They may offer assistance in repairing all damaged elements of the house and only charge for the time spent. As a result, the quality is high, and the cost is quite low. These Abu Dhabi Handyman Services are reasonably priced for everyone.

AFM operates on the idea of resolving issues on the first visit, thus they are experts in general maintenance thanks to their extensive tool and technology preparation and on-site knowledge. They can, however, handle any modest handyman needs, which are especially important when you first move into a new property.

Plumbing Services:

A knowledgeable plumbing technician in Abu Dhabi can help you with a variety of plumbing issues, such as leaking faucets, broken pipes, and the installation of new bathroom plumbing fittings. There are a lot of plumbers operating in Abu Dhabi, but choosing the appropriate one for your requirements at the best Maintenance Company in UAE, AFM. AFM is well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle any plumbing problem that may emerge in the house.

Every detail provided by clients is carefully considered. Rest assured that we will satisfy your demands with highly competent and educated personnel doing Plumbing Services at your home.

Electrical Services:

From time to time, you must pay close attention to the electrical components of your home. It is critical to keep your home or office’s electrical system in excellent functioning order at all times. In the event that something goes wrong with your home’s electrical system, you must seek the advice of an experienced specialist in the area. This is when a qualified electrician in your region comes in handy.

Installing conventional indoor or outdoor lights, as well as unusual lighting elements such as chandeliers, may necessitate the services of an electrician. You may require the installation of switches, plugs, and transformers in your house, or you may even request that they set up a home entertainment system.

AFM has been in the business for a long time, and all of our Abu Dhabi electricians are well prepared with the latest gear and skills to assist you with any emergency electrical needs.


Why Choose AFM As Your Maintenance Company In UAE?

-Flexible and fast service.

-Transparent pricing.

-preventive maintenance.

-issue fixed from first visit.

-24/7 customer service.

-Emergency Services.



When it comes to little or large maintenance work around your property, finding reliable labor in UAE can be a difficult process. When outsourcing work to an unskilled firm, whether it’s a broken pipe, a dripping faucet, or something more serious like installing a new air conditioning system or a whole bathroom remodel, there’s always the tension and worry. Property Maintenance with the aid of seasoned specialists will alleviate all of your worries and hassles, and you will be able to relax knowing that villa repair and maintenance issues will be handled by pros.

AT AFM whether you have a yearly contract with us or just need a single service, our team is dedicated to providing dependable and timely service. Our staff will monitor the completion of your job from start to end and offer the best quality of craftsmanship, resulting in making your living and working areas safe and pleasant. We can assist you with all of your home maintenance requirements, including electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, disinfection, Sterilization and handyman services.

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